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A press release is a form of technical writing that is used for mainstream news and media distribution. A press release can be used for different situations for individuals, businesses, owners, website owners, non-profits, corporations and others. Some of the most popular forms are a major news, the opinion of a news story, an update on the news, an announcement, a new product or service launch, an update for a corporation or business, and many other forms. News and media outlet is a popular way of spreading “the word”, these marketing and advertising channels have moved their services fast in online marketing and online advertising industries. There are some special channels that have allowed news stories, news reports and news announcements to be released and syndicated through mainstream direct marketing/advertising channels and now through mainstream online marketing and advertising channels.

As you can see, with the advancement of technology options and channels have increased significantly in the last few years. Taking advantage of the effectiveness of professional PR services as part of your internet marketing and Internet advertising campaigns, you will have the opportunity to spread your business message widely on thousands of channels, mediums and users, all will be effectively spent. Some other important advantages of using press releases and media releases within your online marketing strategies and online advertising campaigns are as follows: Owners of a business or website will be able to take advantage of the mainstream media outlets, in less time and from thousands expanding more words, live exposure to live traffic and press releases, SEO and search engine marketing. To help the branding of any business and allow the continuous opportunity for continuous exposure through social media marketing and viral marketing channels.

US$1506 Days

  • Original Price: 200
  • Basic Distribution
  • Distribution via ReleaseWire On Demand Premium service.
  • 1000 words press writing

US$2206 Days

  • Original Price: 280
  • Standard Distribution
  • ReleaseWire On Demand Premium & PRUnderground Core / Google News.
  • 1000 words press writing

US$3506 Days

  • Original Price: 500
  • Premium Distribution
  • ReleaseWire On Demand Premium & PRUnderground Core / Google News, minor edits & syndication report.
  • 1000 words press writing